About us

Manchester Carers Forum exists both for carers, and because of, carers. We are carer established and carer led. In 1993 a group of carers in Manchester set up a forum to share their experiences and make their voices heard. They wanted to make sure that what carers do is valued and that carers receive the support they need to continue to care. In the years since, the team at Manchester Carers Forum has built on these founding principles.

We continue to be directed by carers to act on and develop our original vision and mission. Our vision is for every carer in Manchester to have access to the right support at the right time in the right place.

Carers Manchester

We achieve this through our mission:

  • Working with others to improve support for carers
  • A reliable resource for carers to turn to for support
  • Connecting carers with other carers
  • Enabling carers to have a voice

And through our values:

  • Committed to partnership working
  • Open to all carers in Manchester
  • Independent and innovative
  • Inclusive
  • Celebrating diversity
Small group of carers

Our support for carers is focussed on improving carer wellbeing and reducing the inequalities carers face. Our activities are primarily delivered through peer support via both in-person and online groups, trips, walks, breaks and telephone support, as well as information and signposting.

As people are often carers for many years, our support is not time limited. We are an ongoing source of support to carers throughout their caring journey. We are here for as long as carers feel they need us, including post-caring. Life after caring is a challenging journey to navigate. For some carers they choose to stop accessing any form of carer support early on, but for many the withdrawal of such support can cut them adrift. Rather than set time-limits for this we instead allow carers to decide for themselves when they no longer need our support. Many carers later become volunteers.