Manchester Carers Forum work in partnership with @carersstepout who we run carers walks with.
Here is the latest update from them.
This is an update from Stepping Out to say we hope you are feeling well and, crikey, how are we going to go for our healthy, happy, sociable walks together when so many people are advised not to attend gatherings nor even leave the house? Especially people who care for someone in the family or a friend, who necessarily will have some kind of health issue. The answer is we’re probably not — at least in short term and in our usual form.
So we are innovating with a new arrangement as of now: STEPPING OUT / STAYING IN.
After taking advice from many of you, we have resolved to stay connected and continue to enjoy nature, activity and each others’ company in a different way. We will provide the communications hub and …

With thanks to our funders over the past 12 months