Calling carers who live in South Manchester. Would you and the person you support like to share the experience of visiting the Manchester Museum.
Carers Manchester South, together with the Manchester Museum, are offering carers, and the people they support, an opportunity to join an event that, we hope, you will find interesting, fun and a chance to meet other people.
Manchester Museum are really interested in how they can support people to make the most out of a trip to the museum and are offering the chance to explore some of the Museum’s collections, as well as learning how a museum really works in supporting its visitors and local communities.
You will be able to undertake and learn about Conservation and collection care, as well as a sneak peeks behind the scenes.
One carer said,
‘We both really enjoyed the trip, and enjoyed getting out and meeting other carers, after being isolated for such …

With thanks to our funders over the past 12 months