1 in 9 employees are currently caring for someone.



Your colleagues can get involved in the workplace with fundraising activities such as:
Dress down day
Desk decorating competition
Cake sale
Charity fun runs or sponsored walks


We offer bespoke sponsorship packages for businesses who want to work with us at a higher level. Give us a call today discuss your requirements and we’ll make sure you see a fantastic return for your investment both in terms of staff morale and PR opportunities.


You may already have payroll giving set up for your staff. It’s a fantastic way for your employees to give, tax-free. Let them know that MCF is a brilliant choice to help them give back to their local communities.


Does your business manufacture a product that could benefit carers who are short on both time and money? Perhaps you could offer services pro bono, for example legal service or therapeutic services? Donating goods or services are really valuable ways you can help too, and can help create positive stories for your business.

Did you know?

1 in 9 people in the workplace are carers – that’s 11% of all employees. Many carers enjoy being at work as it give them time to be themselves and feel like a valuable and productive member of a team. at home when they are looking after the needs of others it is easy to feel unimportant and invisible.

Being a carer can impact greatly on those who are also employed in full and part time positions
– More days of sick due to stress and mental and physical exhaustion
– This can lead to less productivity at work
– Loss of confidence in the workplace as productivity levels decline
– Lead to long-term mental and physical health problems

Eventually this causes employees to have to reduce their hours, take a less stressful job or even have to quit work altogether

The impact of caring on working carer’s lives:


Supporting Manchester Carers Forum is good for business

Saves money
£4,333 is the amount the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development estimate it costs to recruit a new member of staff

Saves time
6-16 weeks is the amount of time on average it takes to recruit a new member of staff

Improves morale
Supporting a charitable cause will improve staff morale and lead to increased loyalty amongst employees, even more so when it’s a cause that’s not only local, but very close to home for your employees

Positive image
Supporting a charity such as Manchester Carers Forum is great for Corporate Social Responsibility, making you more attractive to your customers, other businesses and potential job applicants

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