Carers Manchester South

Carers Manchester South (CMS) was formed in January 2021, bringing together a team of four people who work for four different organisations: Connect Support, Lifted, Together Dementia Support, and led by Manchester Carers Forum. The work of the CMS team is focussed specifically on South Manchester.

The team work closely as part of Carers Manchester to promote the work of the Contact Point and raise awareness of the needs of carers. Forming one team of people who work for different organisations has allowed members of the team to each bring their own skills, experience, knowledge and passion to work together to put the quality of life of carers at the heart of what they do.

The team engage closely with carers in South Manchester to identify what support is needed that isn’t already there. Using this feedback, the team have set up two monthly support groups in South Manchester. One for carers of adults on the autistic spectrum and one for carers of adults with substance misuse.

CMS also run regular activities for carers and the person they care for to spend quality time together. Recent activities have included bowling, a trip to RHS Bridgewater, the theatre and a drumming circle.

If you are a carer living in South Manchester and would like to find out more about the support available or share your views on what support is needed, you can contact or call Steve on 07494097568.

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