How Can We Help

Carers play a vital role in our society, looking after some of its most vulnerable members. Whilst their contribution has a profoundly positive impact the life of another individual, this is a huge challenge and enormous responsibility and can feel both emotionally and physically exhausting.
In Manchester alone, the support carers offer saves the economy the equivalent of £897 million a year, yet the service they provide is largely taken for granted.

    If you look after a loved one, relative or friend, who is older, frail, disabled, seriously ill or has a mental health or substance addiction problem - then you are a carer. Regardless of whether you care for them for just one hour per week or 24 hours per day, every day, we are here to help.

    Yes – providing you live in the City of Manchester, we can help. The help we provide is free of charge to carers of all ages. To find out more, call us on  0161 819 2226.